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SPARKK is a strategy, culture and organisational consultancy with more than twenty years of experience in the creative and consulting industry.

We support and empower people and companies in their change projects.

We believe successful strategies and change emerge from within a company’s most valuable asset: its people.

Whether you are creating a brand, managing innovation, establishing a new leadership culture or preparing your teams for the digital future: Successful transformation is built upon enthusiasm by the protagonists themselves.

Our co-design driven consulting, workshops, training & coaching formats enable participation and understanding by each and every stakeholder. Through this approach we can measurably increase the acceptance and attractiveness for The New.

Coming from both creative and corporate environments alike we were socialised with digital innovation and leadership at eye-level long before they became buzzwords.

We’re certified systemic business coaches (DGSF), strategists, creative directors and media experts, specialised in self-determined and collaborative organisational developmen

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„I have witnessed first-hand, how well systemic transformation management works for the FC Bayern Munich. The workshops and coachings by SPARKK have fueled enthusiasm and motivation and enabled my team and I to become true co-designers of the process. Such deep understanding and acceptance of innovation is something we believe is strongly needed to remain a future-proof organisation.“

Oliver Kahn, Former Chairman of the Board
FC Bayern München AG

„At Eppendorf, we consider the implementation of our strategies directly - because we know that a vibrant corporate culture is the driver of every strategy. Nikolaus and his team support us in this through workshops, trainings and coaching. They empower our managers and employees to take more personal responsibility, communicate constructively and clarify their roles proactively - resulting in increased motivation and effectiveness for everyone involved.“

Axel Jaeger, Member of the Board and CFO
Eppendorf SE

„Especially in our very heterogeneous company, a common vision and unifying goals are as important as they are challenging. SPARKK and Timo respectively have supported us in central events to set important impulses for this with our executives. Professionally and empathically, they proved that this is also possible in virtual formats.“

Werner Albrecht, Director, Personnel and Social Affairs
Stadtwerke München GmbH

„Our goal at Brainlab is to strengthen the ability of our managers to act on their own responsibility and provide constructive feedback. Since the start of the training program designed by SPARKK, we have experienced that we are succeeding in this with increasing success. We are happy to have Timo and Nikolaus as long-term partners at our side, who support us in fulfilling our ambitious plans.“

Richard Yoder, HR Director
Brainlab AG

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Holistic and human-centered: Charlotte Zehentmeier is convinced that every human being is able of acting courageously, intentionally, self-responsibly and sustainably. With this attitude she supports leaders and clients to successfully meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

A mix of heartfulness, methodical knowledge and a sense for communicative nuances characterize Charlotte's work. She brings a high degree of empathy and warmth, analytical competence, clarity and structure to her work.

Charlotte holds a master's degree in social and business communication, is trained as a systemic coach (DGSF) and has worked in various consulting agencies.

At SPARKK, Charlotte works as systemic consultant, trainer and coach.